25 September 2020

PLTW Capstone #2: Getting the Ball Rolling

An update on my engineering capstone project.

This post was written for the Project Lead the Way Capstone program.

PLTW Capstone is underway, though we have only just formed our groups and begun research in my class. I'm excited to work with my fellow team members, as I think we all share similar values but also each bring our own skills to the table. We've decided that our project will address homelessness in Santa Monica, but we have yet to narrow down our scope more. We are making steady progress in researching the issue more in depth. We've done this by looking up local organizations that we plan to research and possibly contact in the future.

There aren't any roadblocks that I can anticipate right now. The only big issue is that because of coronavirus we cannot meet in person. While this is an engineering class, this just means our solution just won't be physical. Maybe it will be software, an initiative, or a product that is designed and manufactured so that we don't ever have to meet in person. Everything is still up in the air right now.

This weekend, I'm finishing up my application for the QuestBridge program. Its a scholarship program, but its application is basically a college application plus much more essay writing and a more detailed financial section. While it would be fantastic if I got into this program, I know at the very least I will be very ahead on college applications by the time I submit my application this Tuesday. I'm looking forward to finishing up so that I can spend more time on my internship and use my remaining free time to program for fun.

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