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Isabelle Wagenvoord is a high school student who loves technology! Her interests include front end web development, Amazon Web Services, and the Raspberry Pi.

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PLTW Capstone #7

My final post for my PLTW capstone course, and the college I will be attending.

PLTW Capstone #6

An update on my engineering capstone project and advice for future PLTW capstone students.

PLTW Capstone #5: Products Made for Profit Versus Products That Benefit Others

PLTW Capstone #4: College Applications ._.

My (disorganized) college application process, and practical advice for rising seniors.

PLTW Capstone #3: My current state

I'll miss this cat.

PLTW Capstone #2: Getting the Ball Rolling

An update on my engineering capstone project.

PLTW Capstone #1: Summer 2020 + Looking Forward

Brief reflections on my time in quarantine, internship at Kokomo 24/7, and my engineering class.

Register your Raspberry Pi as a Managed Instance on AWS Using AWS Systems Manager

Configure your Raspberry Pi so that you can manage it via AWS

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