25 May 2021

PLTW Capstone #7

My final post for my PLTW capstone course, and the college I will be attending.

This post was written for the Project Lead the Way Capstone program.

What are your plans for next school year?

It's official-- I'm going to Colorado College, and will major in Computer Science. They also gave me a financial aid package that gives me almost a full ride to attend! I love this institution, so I'm incredibly excited to go. One of my favorite parts of CC (Colorado College) is the block plan. Instead of a semester, quarter, or trimester system, students at CC take one class at a time for three and a half weeks. Each class is called a block, and in between each block there is a four and a half day break. This definitely suits the way I work as I like to be fully immersed instead of having to switch from topic to topic throughout the day. There's another great benefit to the block plan-- every class has the flexibility to go off campus at some point, leading to many opportunities to study abroad with your classmates.

What are you most proud of in your PLTW career?

Digital electronics was a tediously hard but interesting class. I enjoyed it, but I think I would have appreciated the course more if I hadn't been taking it during junior year, the most hectic year in high school. But it has since sparked my interest in circuitry and I hope to pursue it as a hobby in the near future-- I hope I can at least create a few cool projects.

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