31 October 2020

PLTW Capstone #3: My current state

I'll miss this cat.

Cat Behold, my profile picture for every single school account and non-professional account I've ever had since I was in eighth grade.

Who is this cat?

Just to clarify, the above picture is cropped from this (possibly) familiar picture:

Cat with a knife pointed at it

This picture is the embodiment of a 4 year old inside joke-- my friend logged into my school email account and changed my profile picture to this glorious cat. Though we've only loosely kept in touch throughout high school, this meme is a fond reminder of our friendship in middle school. I have used this as a convenient, silly profile picture for my accounts ever since.

Discord profile picture with cat

It also describes my current state of mind: there's a lot going on right now, and frankly my only defense mechanism, similar to this cat, is to (inappropriately) point and laugh at all of it.

Made with Gatsby and smiles by Isabelle Wagenvoord